Friday, October 31, 2014

Cathedral Pines Pikes Peak Loop 10-31-14

5-mile loop with Jenny (156 runtotal) in Black Forest.  This loop is in Cathedral Pines, heavily affected by the Black Forest fire in 2013.  We did not see one other person on the trail or in its parking lot - very very quiet.

lots of burned trees

foundation of a burned house, but many were saved or rebuilt

view of Pikes Peak from the half-way-ish point

Air Force Academy view from half-way-ish point.  Obstructed by trees and hills except this location.

the forest

still some late wildflowers and mushrooms this mild fall

crazy grass as new undergrowth after the fire in some places

Mt. Rosa and a bit of Almagre

I think this is called East Pond, in Black Forest Regional Park along the Pikes Peak loop

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