Saturday, October 25, 2014

Greenland Open Space 10-25-14

Kipps Loop total distance about 9 miles (runtotal 151).   Beautiful day for a long walk!

Edward Thomas Kipps died 1890's of tuberculosis.  Buried in an abandoned cemetery (since 1920's, most graves moved elsewhere) along the Kipps loop.  Apparently there are more graves hidden in the scrub oak but didn't know that and so didn't look.  
Found a post about this old cemetery online - called Greenmount and it used to serve Palmer Lake until the 1920's or so:  "Two graves are still visible, but only one has a readable marker. That grave is surrounded by an impressive 18-by-20-foot iron fence and gate. The granite marker is over six feet tall and reads: Edward Thomas - Beloved Husband of Louisa Kipps - Born Sep 7th 1861 - Aged 28 Years - He is not dead but sleepeth - E. Kipps - London England. The actual grave is surrounded by shaped cement blocks. Four mature spruce trees are within the fence boundaries. The other visible grave is also surrounded by an iron fence approximately 10 by 10 feet. Several large moss-covered rocks within the fenced area appear as though they may at one time have formed a headstone and marker. Unlike the larger grave, there is no gate. The smaller grave is located approximately 160 feet northeast of the Kipps grave. Information at the Palmer Lake Museum and from a longtime resident indicates several other unmarked graves are in this area: supposedly a Liebcapp baby (whose father was a Santa Fe Railroad agent), Vance Chase (who lived on a ranch near Ben Lomond), and another baby whose Mexican father was a railroad trackhand. Some speculate that Dr. Thompson, Palmer Lake developer and builder of the Estemere Victorian Estate, is also buried here in an unmarked grave."

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