Saturday, November 29, 2014

Aiken Canyon 11-29-14

A repeat of Aiken Canyon to complete November.  I learned that the homestead site on the property was claimed in 1937 by an Ira Waterman. When the Nature Conservancy got the property in the early 1990's (until which it was destined to become a quarry site), the cabin was still standing and had mousetraps and mason jars inside.  They dismantled it, considering it some kind of liability.  That makes me kind of sad - would've loved to see it.  I wonder if Ira's Irises ever bloom?  Maybe sometime we'll come at the right time of year to find out.  6 mile hike including the trail up to the cabin and spring and also the overlook aside (179.5 runtotal).  Got to see and hear a Canyon Wren today and lots of Townsend's Solitaires doing not only their one-note but also their very pretty Robin-esque song.

pointing the way - to a hidden treasure?! :)


To The River said...

Slightly jealous of (-: Kidding, but because of the leg injury I have to stay off the mountains for one month, until 24th of December. It s not easy since even looking at the wide spaces makes me longing (-: Beautiful area.

Diana Beatty said...

So sorry about the leg injury - I hope it recovers fully and quickly!