Saturday, November 22, 2014

Philip S. Miller Park 11-22-14

We started with the incline - 200 steps, maybe 225 feet elevation gain in just over a tenth of a mile in just a few minutes.  (Compared to 2000 steps, 2000 feet elevation gain, 1 mile for the Manitou Incline.)  Then we walked around 6 miles (173.5 runtotal) up and down and back and forth and round and round over the various trails in the park. I estimate about 1250 feet total elevation gain divided in 5 up and down chunks of about 250 feet each. The trails are very switchbacky not because they need to be for elevation gain but I think to get a lot more trail into a relatively small acreage.  We did not encounter too many others out on the trails, but traffic increased as the day wore on.  Checked out the Field House before leaving - very busy with swimmers, indoor soccer, indoor trampolines, birthday parties, etc.  Nice park and nice facility.

They didn't bother to try to place the storage sheds for the zip lines (in construction) level at all.

the incline (before)

the incline (after)

The Field House in front of Castle Rock

Hey Rose, there's the Devil's Head Fire Tower!

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