Monday, June 08, 2015

Colorado Field Ornithologists 2015 Convention Salida 6/4 to 6/8

Attended the CFO convention centered in Salida this weekend - lots of fun!  Welcome BBQ Thursday night, Friday birding in Custer County with Lisa Edwards leading, Saturday birding in Chaffee County around Salida with Sue Riffe leading, banquet with great food Saturday night, Sunday birding in Gunnison County with Marcel Such leading, and Monday birding in Fremont County with Chip Clouse leading.  I think I had about 115 species for the trip including a few 'lifers' - Pinyon Jay (Poncha Springs) and Black-throated Gray Warbler - (some road I forget near Salida).

This has nothing to do with the convention but too cool not to share - someone sent me this photo of the Black Forest CA Condor being caught.

Friday morning views

Bighorn Sheep on U.S. 50 near Cotopaxi

A little blurry, but I like this one for the interesting juveniles.

Custer County from Beckwith Pond.

In Beckwith Pond

At Beckwith Pond

Wilson's Phalarope

opposite the dam of DeWeese Reservoir

Brewer's Blackbird

Cliff Swallow with a noisy neighbor House Wren

Wild Iris - lots of these up there

Beautiful church from our lunch spot in Westcliffe

Amish-style buggy

Across from Lisa's pond where the Sora was

A very accommodating Sora in Custer County

mama Prairie Dog

Lewis's Woodpeckers

Cassin's Finch and Evening Grosbeak

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Wilson's Snipe

Saturday morning in Poncha Springs

Pinyon Jays!

female Redwing Blackbird with food

Red-naped Sapsucker at Mt. Ouray SWA

Brown-headed Cowbird singing (or passing gas, as someone in our group suggested) :)

Cedar Waxwing

I don't know my fish that well - trout of some kind?

Sunday going to Gunnison

Sage Thrasher across from the public Gunnison Sage Grouse viewing area on the road to Waunita Hot Springs

Cliff Swallows by U.S. 50

'Baby' Killdeer following parent, in private field next to U.S. 50

Western Wood Pewee

nice fellow

Gunnison Prairie Dog

Building the nest - neat to see!  Blue Mesa

Singing Brewer's Sparrow at Blue Mesa

Common Merganser with 9 babies on her back - Blue Mesa

Washed-out road East of a slushy Monarch Pass

Sunday's group at a Continental Divide trail

Found near the Continental Divide trail - Fairy Slipper Orchid

East of Monarch Pass

Motorcycle mishap at Maysville

Arkansas River at Texas Creek Monday morning

Lark Sparrows working on a nest at Texas Creek

Blue Grosbeak at Tunnel Drive in Canon City

Lazuli Bunting at Tunnel Drive


Lesser Goldfinch at Sell's 

Cooper's Hawk at Sell's

Mourning Dove at Sell's

Swallowtail at Sell's

Killdeer doing broken wing display to protect nest/young at Brush Hollow Reservoir

Young Redtail Hawk at Brush Hollow

Just outside Brush Hollow


Interesting coat

Mississippi Kites back at home - a few people stopped by to see them but the Kites turned up an hour late.

They're busy copulating (through a dirty window - reason for the color difference).

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