Monday, June 29, 2015

Emerald Valley 6-29-15

Emerald Valley hike 4 miles or less (63 runtotal).  Beautiful valley along the Little Fountain Creek. Old Stage Road and the Emerald Valley Road to the ranch all in good shape.  I saw some pictures from other people on the Internet showing a mine somewhere around here - we did see a cave, but not a full-blown mine like their pictures show - not sure where that is although from the descriptions, it sounds like it is supposed to be right near the start - not sure if it is even there, anymore.  Very beautiful and peaceful and easy hiking.

And a member of our group named Gisela taught Linda how to make a 'kazoo' out of a dandelion stem  :)

Numerous creek crossings on the trail, which is an old road along an old pipeline.

Wild Rose

Western Tanager

Awesome mushrooms!

Sphinx Moth

Beautiful Grasshopper!

Tent Caterpillar

Old Homestead?

Mt. Vigil

Yellow Lady Slipper Orchids - rare and endangered


creek crossing

Shooting Star

the group

We saw several Brook Trout in the creek

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