Thursday, July 02, 2015

Grayback Peak 7/2/15

Out-and-back trail just off the Emerald Valley Ranch road that is being well-maintained down to the ranch by the Broadmoor.  Trail was very rain-rutted in several places.  We also went down the road a very short ways to the start of the pipeline trail to look at an old mine there - I'm guessing Flourite since there were pieces all over - mostly purple, but also some green.  Hike distance a little over 5 miles (68.5 runtotal).  When we arrived we were in the clouds after some good rain yesterday and more forecast for today and needed to layer-up - things did eventually clear up briefly before starting to build up again for the afternoon.

Looks like a bear climbed this tree.

Flourite mine

Pack Rat?

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