Monday, June 13, 2016

Fountain Valley School 6/13/16

118 runtotal

Many wire birds sit on the barbed wire fence on the entry road.

We saw a Great-horned Owl

Amazing mushroom/fungus!

Hawks on an ivy-covered backstop

Robin, maybe?


First Sunflower of the season for me

Beautiful White Slant Line Moth!

Orange Globe Mallow


Lazuli Bunting

Reddest House Finch ever!


different spot pattern

Several Ladybugs were, um, busy...

Ranch kitty with fur from other ranch kitty it was just playing with

Cool tiny bug (Leaf Beetle)

Damselfly (Plains or Pacific Forktail)

Sproul, Venetucci, Watson - used to own most of the land down here....

Pacific Loon at Big Johnson

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