Monday, June 20, 2016

Patch Ranch (near Florence) 6/20/16

124 runtotal

Eyed Hawk Moth

I remember this sign being around Big Johnson when I was a kid.

"Eye of Sauron" spider (my name for it) eating a blue-legged grasshopper

Assassin bug living up to its name on Thistle

Lewis's Woodpecker

Prickly Pear in bloom

A few of the millions of grasshoppers calling the ranch home

Pikes Peak to the north

House Finch checking us out

Lewis's Woodpecker one of MANY birds who loved the Mulberry tree - now I want a Mulberry tree too!

Western White butterfly

Western Wood Pewee

Black-chinned Hummingbird female

Cicada on a car antenna - these guys sound like circular saws.

Almost-blooming Cholla Cactus

They didn't chop down the tree - they made a totem - Pioneer Park, Florence

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