Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Fountain Creek Regional Park (Area 5) 4-4-17

Snow day today!  Power out in the a.m. from wet, heavy snow - but much nicer this afternoon - lots of pretty birds on a short walk.

At my house - it never really went backward, that's just the camera frame rate interfering with the rate of the pinwheel.

Forsythia flower in snow at my yard


Ruddy Duck

Say's Phoebe

lots of Western Bluebirds

Beautiful Mountain Bluebird

Bufflehead Ducks

Great Blue  Heron

Ruddy Ducks

Say's Phoebe

Mountain Bluebird

N. Shoveler, BW Teal, Canada Geese

Blue-winged Teal

Goose tracks


1 comment:

TanjaB said...

I think the color of Mountain Bluebirds is out of this world. It's as though a piece of the sky had grown wings.