Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Mom's message from beyond

I called mom to tell her about one of my birds opening the cage and going for a poop on my computer and hanging out all day. Then she told me about her message from beyond.

She had a message on her computer this morning that was a failed send. According to the e-mail, my mom had tried to send an e-mail from her work computer to my recently deceased aunt Mariam at the hospital where Mariam used to work at 2:30a.m. titled "Thanks:)" This morning and it came back undeliverable. Well, I thought surely it was just one of those virus things going around. But then my mom said she never even knew Aunt Mariam had e-mail, and they had never communicated that way, so there is no way my mom had her e-mail address in her computer somewhere or vice versa.

I tried to get her to look at the headers and see if she could find the source and what the original message might have been, but she had already deleted everything.

So my mom thinks Aunt Mariam sent her a message from the Hereafter. What do you think?

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