Saturday, May 08, 2004


I learned something today that I didn't know before.

I had always heard the "We" in Qur'an when God is talking explained as the royal We in Arabic grammar - like when the Queen says "We are ready to go," meaning only herself. But Shaykh Hijazi at the seminar today at DU in Denver explained that when God says "We did this", it means that He brings it about through a chain of cause and effect, such as "We bring rain" - it happens through a set of causes and effects of the weather and so on. When God says "I did this" - it happens directly without a chain of cause and effect. Now I want to go back and look and see what things are said each way - like when God created Adam, is it a We created or an I created? A lot of information about what happened can be contained in just that one word. Very interesting!

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