Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Well the first day back after spring break was relatively uneventful. I'm down to three classes to go for my master's, insha'allah. This current class seems kind of like a speech/grant-writing class, which is interesting.

Yesterday morning I heard reveille a little before six. I think it comes from Fort Carson, but I'm not sure. It is unusual to hear it, I think the air has to be just right. Kind of a weird thing. Living near a military base is just kind of weird. Like growing up with shaking windows from their military exercises, seeing military planes and flares all the time growing up - even those crazy two propeller helicopters. And running into people in fatigues all the time when you're out running errands, especially at this end of town. Not so much lately, though - most of them are in Iraq. I feel for their children left behind, I feel for them that many of them were just trying to make a living and serve their country and weren't trying to be involved in immorality and evil. But there is no excuse for what some of them have done now as soldiers.

Ah, time to go to work. Have a nice day.

Note: Fort Carson plays Reveille at 6 and Taps at 10pm, I've heard both. Also, when lightning strikes or other severe weather is a potential, they sound a siren with an announcement - I've heard that, too.

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