Thursday, March 31, 2005


I posted about turkeys yesterday but the post went into Internet oblivion at some point. Part of the problem is posting during my lunch, etc., at work I am posting blind - I can't view what I post due to firewalls and that creates a few problems now and then.

Anyway, yesterday on my way to work I saw a most unusual thing. In my suburban neighborhood in a big old tree as I was driving to work I saw a whole flock of wild turkeys. About a dozen BIG huge birds up in this tree in someone's front yard. I know where they came from - across the highway are some small farms and Fountain Creek and in the past year I've noticed some wild turkeys there - they've moved in recently. But to see them in the neighborhood was really interesting. I also saw some on Venetucci's farm that same morning. Neat-o! The morning mountains were beautiful with fresh snow.

Yesterday we finished CSAP, alhumdooleluh. The last day seemed to go smoothly; we do not yet know the outcome of the earlier problems.

The mountains had plenty of beautiful fresh snow on them again this morning, I'm sure, but I couldn't see it because it was snowing down here, too.

I'm starting to get caught up a bit in work - I've got tentative "plans" (meaning a lesson number or topic written down) for my classes for the rest of the year.

Next Tuesday I get to decide on scholarship money! I was appointed chair of the CSEA scholarship committee so I found some members and we're meeting next Tuesday to decide who gets the scholarship(s). That's kind of cool.

I get paid technically tomorrow but I went ahead and paid bills today and so I'm already broke. :) I don't like getting paid once a month sometimes because I get bills that come after the first of the month and are due before the next first of the month - very annoying if you ask me. If I get some tax return money I really need to get the oil changed and tires rotated in both of the vehicles, and I need to get a new headlight for one and probably wash that one, too. Maybe this weekend it will be nice enough to get some yardwork done.

I'm trying to work on Qur'an recitation again. I always seem to get to about the same spot before quitting; insha'allah this time I'll progress further and stick to it more - I'd really like to be able to sit and read it in Arabic.

Okay - enough rambling for now; woo hoo for Daylight Savings this weekend - more daylight in the evening, which I like. :)

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