Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Yesterday I came home in between work and a meeting to find Leo limping around. He won't put wait on his front right leg at all and it does look bent out of shape. It doesn't seem to cause a lot of pain for him and he's eating and drinking but he does find it difficult to get around. He is a stray/abandoned cat that sort of adopted me but also frequently visits others and just likes to be outside mostly and roam the neighborhood. But he has no interest in going out right now and is pretty much staying in one spot, poor guy. He's still purring with attention and all that, but it is so hard to see an innocent sweet animal injured. It makes me want to cry. I don't really know if he has other "owners" or not; I think they were renters that moved on a few years ago. So I need to take care of him; my mom has the day off and will get him into a vet today, insha'allah; I hope they can fix him easily......

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