Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Update on Leo

He is home. I have to take him back on Saturday. I guess an old war wound from his tom cat lifestyle resulted in an abscess or infection in his leg deep inside near the bone. They had to cut it out, and I have to give him some antibiotics and pain medicine. His leg is wrapped in a bandage but the cut is left open because it needs to still drain more. On Saturday they would check it and put on a new bandage, and then I would have to bring him again in a few weeks to see if it is healed properly and the infection is completely gone. He has to be an indoor kitty for awhile. Right now that seems alright with him, but that may be harder later. Vet bills are so expensive, this cost nearly $500, but it had to be done. If someone didn't do it, the poor kitty would probably die slowly and painfully from the infection and debilitation. Insha'allah I hope he recovers fully and with little further expense! He seems a bit tired right now but I think he is glad to be home.

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