Saturday, April 07, 2007

Another Recurring Place of Dreams

I woke up last night and realized I had been dreaming of another place that has recurred in my dreams.

This time, the place was a dirt road. This road is about 5-10 miles long and shaped like a backwards L. The scenery on either side of the road are yellow open farm fields. There are no intersections until the road ends at a farm house. The farm house is on the left side of the road and is very old-fashioned. It is a small wood house surrounded by trees and the farmer is an old man with a straw hat. There is no modern machinery at this farm - it is all horse-and-buggy technology.

I suppose this place may be a transfiguration of the Venetucci farm near my home in real life, even though I know in my dreams it is not the Venetucci farm. Rather, it seems to me almost as if the road takes you back in time as well as moves you in place because the farm is so archaic that I almost think it is a place of the past. The road may be related to the old Bradley road, because it is L-shaped, as well.

Another road is also related to this one. The second road is apparently southeast of the first, and very different. This one is a very long two-lane paved highway, also on open plain flatlands. There is never any traffic on this road. Along this road you can find a place that just has lots of old car parts and decaying cars, you can find a lake, you can find a drive-in theater, a power transformer station, and a private airport.

This road must be related to the real life roads of Bradley, Powers, and highway 24. Powers is now a very busy road with traffic and lights everywhere. But both of these roads are East of here and all of the things mentioned exist, although looking rather different, on these roads somehow. The road in the dreams, however, is very empty, straight, and decreases in elevation. So it does not look or feel like these roads despite the similarities.

In my dreams, it seems both of these roads are rather unknown or secret - no other traffic but me most times.

In the dream last night, the road to the farm was very muddy. But I don't remember the rest of the dream and don't think the dream actually involved the farm, but only the road.

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