Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A few interesting things in other blogs

A very ignorant letter to the editor? (A woman who apparently thinks daylight savings time coming earlier means the sun is staying up longer and that it is all a plot by liberals to make it look like global warming is real, when really it isn't.)!

Link to an article about why healthy eating is harder for those of us on a budget

And a quote I liked from Hijabman's blog:

My sister and I have had this conversation about her unwillingness to eat meat. She doesn’t like being called a “vegetarian” because for her the word is, quote, “a hippie snob term,” one that implies a holier-than-thou stance that requires others to accommodate her, either happily or grudgingly, but accommodate her nonetheless. They might be resentful of her choice and defensive of their own, or they might be admiring and self-righteous (“yay! you’re one of us!”), but either way they’re interacting with the label and not with her. “I can find something to eat anywhere,” she said, in response to friends who invite her over and then make a whole separate tofu dish just for her, which bugs her because in their attempt to be respectful they’re actually ghettoizing her. (And plus, she hates tofu.)

“I can find something to eat anywhere” is how I feel about spirituality and, more specifically, awe. My sister’s diet is a practice for her, not an identity; my islam (small-i) is about how I want to interact with the world, not a big-I label that tells the world how to interact with me.

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