Thursday, January 17, 2008

Abbas Bandali - very good - Muharram around the world

A few lines from a book I'm reading:
"When the Imams of the Holy Family made the ziyara into an intellectual, political and social institution, they intended to put Shi'ite man in living and direct contact with the sources of his Islam in thought and ideology, in application and practice.... Each of the approved pilgrimages includes a commitment before God which the Shi'ite man makes, particularly, with the person to whom the pilgrimage is made and, generally, with the Apostle and the Imams of the Holy Family, that he will remain faithful to their covenant, their faith and their practice....It also makes clear the extent of the burden of error into which Shi'ite man has fallen, as well as some of his spiritual leaders, when he conceives of the pilgrimage as being only a form of honor and veneration of a certain person and neglects the numerous aspects of the educational objectives which it aims at." -The Rising of Al Husayn (as): Its Impact on the Consciousness of the Muslim Society by Shaykh Muhammmed Mehdi Shams Al-Din

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