Monday, January 21, 2008

Waking and Remembering God

How often are you awakened by your dreams? And at what time of night? If you pay attention, how often are they disturbing, but you forget them by dawn or within a few fleeting moments of being awakened? I'd like to hear your answers, and on a relate note:

I was reading something about the history of sleep, and it seems our patterns may be distinctly different from those of the past. Some people believe that before the modern era of electricity, etc., that people used to sleep in 2 or more shifts over a longer night, and would often wake for an hour or two between shifts and during these interludes they were very productive in thought. The Prophet (saw) used to get up in interludes of the night for prayer, such that his sleep apparently was half the night and his prayer the other half, according to some traditions.

People are trained now to try to sleep again if they awake at night because of missing other opportunities for sleep and rest. But the lost solitude, the lost time of reflection, the lost meditation, the lost prayer, maybe too great a loss. What if being awakened is the call of God for you to remember Him while others are playing or heedless?

Your souls are in God's care always and when you sleep it is like a minor death and it is Allah swt's will to return you to wakefulness or to keep your soul from this realm of consciousness and existence. Where is your soul when you sleep? Does it move from your body? Or is it in your body but elsewhere as well?

Pay attention for a week of every time you wake in the night, and ponder your waking and remember God who made you. Let me know what happens, I'd be curious to hear!

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