Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

Eid Nowrooz Mubarak for those who mark it.

So I made it to Spring Break. Whew. One things I like about teaching are the beginnings and endings and breaks now and then. With all the standardized testing, kids and teachers were really burnt out, so it is nice to have a week off. Here comes the snow for the break, at least a bit of it, although we'd had unseasonably warm weather this past month.

I cleaned house a bit, maybe I will do more of that this week. I still have work at Sylvan. Maybe I'll start/finish something sewing/quilting.

And, I got up this morning and found my computer dead. So I took it in to get a new power supply and a bigger hard drive and decided the computer coma/death meant it was time to upgrade (looking for an excuse, really). My parents' computer is
r e a l l y s l o w so I decided to give them the one I've been using. I hope they will like it. I got good speakers with this one which makes me very happy - very cool to get good bass when watching TV at (The Pretender!) or something like that. Plus I wanted iWork - Keynote and Numbers are sooooo much better than Powerpoint and Excel - seriously. I used Keynote this afternoon when a few coworkers came over to make some fliers.

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