Sunday, March 08, 2009

Very Cool - Scan America

When I was a kid, at one point I was given a black and white TV set for my room. One of my fondest memories of that TV was finding strange things on the UHF dial. Sometimes in the 80-something channels or between two channels (no remotes, remember?) I would pick up one side of conversations. I eventually figured out that I was probably hearing half of phone conversations on cordless phones - something very new that my family didn't have or really know about.

Later, I got a shortwave radio and used to spend hours listening to strange programs fade in and out from all over the world. I still have it and still play with it sometimes - or listen to TV or long wave, etc. Then for awhile I had a CB radio handheld and thought about getting a Ham license but it was just way too expensive and more serious than I ever was about it - and an old boy's club.

Anyway, at ScanAmerica you can listen on your computer to local police, fire and state patrol scanners. Maybe someone else out there will think that is cool, like me.

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