Friday, January 15, 2010


Twice this week as I was driving to work I saw a coyote on the side of the Interstate. It was looking down toward the creek and homeless camps right next to I-25 by the power plant. I guess it was looking for food, either by hunting or thinking of scavenging in the camps. The funny thing about it is the two times I saw it it the same time of morning, and the coyote was in the exact same spot - the scene was so identical I did a double-take the second day.

In Navajo mythology, Coyote is a god that created the Milky Way. It is a trickster that uses deceit to get what it wants. For most city folks, though, a coyote is just a wild dog that is kind of neat to see and hear in town now and then. Would a Navajo wonder if Coyote has something to do with the Haiti quake? I saw the Coyote Monday and Tuesday, and then the quake happened. I sponsor a child in Haiti and know I will have a long wait to hear if she and her family made it out okay. At this point all I can do is donate and pray.

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