Friday, January 22, 2010


I've been very busy, not much time to blog or much to blog about. I am teaching 6 classes instead of the usual 5, with one less plan period - it keeps me plenty busy all day, along with the usual meetings and tutoring work nights. Nothing worth complaining about (but really, complaining is pretty worthless, or even harmful, isn't it?) Alhumdooleluh.

Clark Little is an amazing photographer who specializes in ocean waves. The above photo is his - isn't it gorgeous?

It is one of the few ocean views I've found truly beautiful. I live far from the ocean, but the times I've been there, I never quite got what people claimed to be so wonderful and beautiful. The ocean is awesome, without a doubt, but as for beauty, I'm partial to our Colorado mountains, I guess. The ocean, on the other hand, is intimidating to me. Its vastness, darkness, power, and mystery are not peaceful to me. I've always thought drowning in a ship wreck could be one of the most terrifying ways to die. But maybe if I were more used to ocean views and ocean travels, I'd think differently. Ideally, I think the manner of death is somewhat irrelevant, it is all about how we live life before it comes. We will all die. And the terror of death should be measured by how we lived our lives. Are we ready to face God? What a silly question, God sees us always, we are always facing Him, it is only the veils of our perception in this world, made thicker with our sins, and that are torn away in death, that make us forget God, forget death, forget purpose in life, forget who we are, forget why we are created, forget what really matters.

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