Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Cheyenne Mtn. State Park N and S Talon Trails 7/3/12

Considerably more hazy than the last time we did this hike - may still be fire smoke, I'm not sure.
And it was hot.  But we had a good long (approx. 9 mile) hike.  The Talon Trails are the ones to take to get to the current high elevation access in the park - if/when the connection to go up on top of Cheyenne Mountain is made, that will change.  The Talon trails are nice because they're never excessively difficult even though there is some incline involved, and it involves a fair amount of treed terrain.  The overlook to Cheyenne Mountain is definitely worth going to - that vantage point looks prehistoric and wild - very neat, especially for still being at relatively low elevation.

overlook area

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