Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lovell Gulch and a bit more 11-16-13

Today was a very windy day - we probably encountered a gust or two in the 40-50's mph range.  We hiked the Lovell Gulch trail area.  We did a spur to the Rampart Range Rd. and then got back on the Lovell Gulch trail and completed its loop - for about 8 miles total.  Elevation gain about 800 or 900 feet but some of that was repeated more than once.  Near where the Lovell Gulch trail meets Rampart Range Rd. we encountered some people shooting guns where they weren't supposed to be - not a good location - too close to the trail and in the direction of the trail, right off the road by a sign that said "No Shooting."  This one is worth investigating again in a different season.

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