Saturday, November 02, 2013

Pancake Rocks and Horsethief Falls 11-2-13

It turned out to be a beautiful 7 mile hike to Pancake Rocks and Horsethief Falls today.  We got there about 9 and finished about 2.  It was chilly in the shade (which is a big portion of the hike) and the trail had snow.  Our tracks were the first to disturb the snow on the final climb to Pancake Rocks, but several people soon followed in our footsteps, literally.  Elevation gain about 1500 ft, topping off at about 11,200 ft.

Dusky Grouse (formerly Blue Grouse)

Pancake Rocks

Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine 

Pikes Peak

Gray Jays (Camp Robbers)

Chickaree (Rock Squirrel)

Horsethief Falls

Prescribed burn near Lake George?

It sounds like we need to takethat 'first branch' to Horsethief Park to see if the ruins are still there (water may be a bit high right now), and we also need to take the Ring the Peak toward the Crags sometime still.

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