Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Pancake Rocks 11-2-13 photos by friend

These are photos from this past weekend's hike taken by Mark - mostly with me in them, - which is why he sent them to me.


To The River said...

When I stumbled upon ur blog I was searching for some Islamic blogs to follow (not exclusively of course:)), but now I m really happy to see so much about nature, specially the pictures of birds. These last ones are so gentle and beautiful.

Diana Beatty said...

Lately I've been posting mostly pictures instead of Islamic stuff, but I haven't intended to leave it aside altogether. I think I just keep more to myself about certain thoughts now or express in different avenues.

Zain said...

How beautiful, the last three pictures! I have always wondered about feeding free birds, I find it as a magical experience. When I went to Makkah/Madinah as a young boy, I used to try to feed the pigeons there, but that never worked out well.

Reminds me a stanza with a recorded translation as:
"Your speech, if God give you the friendship of Nature,
From the rose and tulip’s long silence weave."

(Hope the idea is not lost in translation).

Diana Beatty said...

It definitely felt like a magical/special experience to feed those wild birds - it made me very very happy.

Zain said...

Your birding/nature photography is making me think to mark Colorado as a place to visit in the next couple of years, as I like visiting places with much biodiversity/diverse landscape (or rich culture). India (South West India/Kerala) is one place I have on the top in the list to go to enjoy biodiversity, it is exotic!, but visa issues restrict me.

If you can in the next few weeks or months, please write about visiting Colorado, about the hikes, the best times to visit, and your experiences and advice, it will make a great read for us.

God bless.

Diana Beatty said...

I'm not sure we're particularly biodiverse here, but we do have a nice landscape with some diversity there. The best time to visit Colorado depends on what you're looking for. Generally speaking, I'd say early June is pretty nice, mid-late September also. Nearly all my pictures are taken in the Colorado Springs area - within 50 miles. So there's really a lot more to see than just this area. But some of the areas are not super accessible without a decent hike. And if you do not live at altitude, you might find coming to our altitude to be an adjustment. If you do come to Colorado Springs, the two things everyone should see/do if they can is go to Garden of the Gods and walk around, and drive up the Pikes Peak Highway or take the Cog Railway up the Peak to its summit. After that, depends on how much time you have, what you like to do, health, etc.