Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Mississippi Kite Update 6/5/12

The Kites arrived on 5/6/12  - at least that is when I saw them.  I think I saw another one flying near the Security Post Office 5/8.    I saw the pair mating in the trees behind my house 5/10.  I saw the mom checking out her nest on 5/13 - same one as last year, at the house just East of mine.  On 5/29, I and two other birders observed FOUR of them flying over my street.  Two of them were doing this cool diving thing where they bent their wings half-way back.  I am wondering if the other two are the juveniles that fledged her last year?  5/31 saw one flying down near the Knights of Columbus building - a different one again?  This week mom has been spending a lot more time on her test - she is mainly hanging out there now, so I'm guessing there are eggs in it now.  She seems to be doing a fair amount of maintenance.

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