Saturday, June 16, 2012

St. Mary's Falls 6/16/12

Jenny Chapman's annual. :)  Very pleasant hike in the North Cheyenne Canyon area - I think technically you end up in Buffalo Creek Canyon or something like that.  Fairly athletic hike without being out of range for most healthy active adults.  A fair number of people set out on this hike without finishing it though - either they don't realize how long it is and don't allot enough time (I did that the first time - went in March when there was snow on the ground and needed more time due to it), or they get tired from the fairly persistent steepness on the way up.  But, people who hike regularly will not find this hike unusually difficult - it is more the people who kind of randomly decide to head out to the Canyon for the day without a specific plan who are likely to be turned around.

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