Monday, February 07, 2005

Awake! :)

Thanks to everyone's well-wishes and prayers and I think also due to Ziyarat Ashoura, my dad woke up today. When I stopped by after work, he was awake, kind of watching TV. He was able to talk a bit. He was still somewhat disoriented and had no memory of the past few weeks and in general didn't seem to remember things too well. Mom said when she talked to him before I got there he had asked her if he was in Salt Lake Hospital and thought it was too far to drive for her. Yeah, it's only a thousand miles or so. :) No idea what made him think of Salt Lake, but you can see he's just a bit out of it, but he seems to be pretty normal. He can't move well; it was quite an ordeal for him to try to use the remote for the TV or put on or take off his glasses or do much of anything like that; it was like his hands didn't know where his face was anymore, like he lost depth perception or just general brain connection between hands and head, etc. But we were all pretty happy to have him know who we were and be able to talk to us today, alhumdooleluh.

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