Wednesday, February 09, 2005


My dad may get to go home from the hospital today.

Yesterday I went to visit him and the guy sharing the room with him coded while we were sitting there. My dad had gotten no sleep all night because the guy was groaning all night and all day. Then my dad was upset that they forgot to get him dinner, too. He was determined he was going home last night and was going to sneak out but mom asked the nurse if he was aloud to leave and she gave him a lecture about how insurance wouldn't cover his stay then or anything that happened afterward and how he could be arrested for leaving with the IV still in because apparently lots of drug addicts try to take it home with them to give themselves drugs through. So he was mad at mom for awhile because he had to stay.

I think they're sending him home awfully soon. He still can't move around very well although he's getting better. They made no mental assessments and they didn't do any tests to verify the cause of this in the first place. My mom has to take off more work to help him out at home because he can't move around enough to stay home alone. So we're happy he's getting better but concerned things really haven't been taken care of - I think he needs a counselor or someone to talk to him besides us about the importance of changing his habits and give him some resources to do so, too.

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