Friday, February 25, 2005


The team my brother coaches hosted their first playoff game ever last night because they were ranked second in the league, which is also their best ever. They beat Denver Waldorf something like 47 to 23. The losing team got a little bit of attitude in the last quarter and got two technical fouls for the assistant coach throwing down a clipboard and a girl shoving another girl. I hate to see people act that way, especially about a game. The girls should be taught to win and lose graciously. Jeff thinks they probably won't be able to win the next game against Stratton who is ranked pretty high for the whole state.

But anyway I know this game was important to my brother because he wanted to prove himself this season coaching this team. I think he succeeded. One thing he does which I appreciate is that almost every game he lets every person on the team play. He was very small when he was in school and felt lots of coaches never gave him a chance so he makes sure to give everyone a chance.

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